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Rosner Soap


What do you do when you learn that your talented artisan neighbors are retiring and closing their wonderful shop? That the products you know and love will be no more? You step in. Or at least, that's what Kat & Brian did. So, when the opportunity arose to take over the amazing Rosner Soap in Sugar Loaf, they jumped at the chance.


With a background in creative fields, and sharing a lifelong love of working with his hands, Kat's husband, Brian, has taken over the reins. Working closely with master soap-maker Yaron Rosner for months and mastering his unique process, Brian is committed to carrying on the tradition started over 20 years ago by the Rosners.


With a promise to continue the same attention to quality, using only the purest natural ingredients, organic herbs, spices and essential oils, they choose to continue with the intention of creating products that are natural, ethical and transparently honest. Because that is what they believe in.

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